Monday, December 29, 2014

Discussing Giving Season 2014

It's giving season in the American tax year. As in previous years, some people in the effective altruism movement have been asking to talk about their giving decisions with me, and I would like to extend the offer of a sounding board to the readers of this blog. You can contact me by email, facebook, or by leaving a comment below with contact information (comments with contact info will be kept in moderation and not published).


Andrew Clough said...

I've been considering alternating between doing my year-end charitable donations between December and January so I can double up in odd years and take the standard deduction in even years. I don't have a mortgage or anything similar that would otherwise push me over the standard deduction. Thoughts?

Carl said...

Andrew, that sounds quite sensible. You might reap even larger benefits by coordinating with some other donors in similar positions for a 3 year cycle.

If you're waiting until January, you might wait more than a day in, as other announcements will be coming out over the first couple weeks of the month, including information on remaining RFMF, and in relation to organizations not on the US tax year schedule.